vima camera


The SW Vima camera optics and digital backs project has been developed both functionally and aesthetically from 2009 to 2019 in Italy by Vincenzo Mastrangelo, with Danish and German cooperation. The SW Vima production company will be based in Sapri (Salerno) in Italy, with its showroom in Berlin, Germany.

The specific functions of the camera include Panoramic, analogue and digital photography in a medium format, with relevant accessories.
The camera will be produced with CNC cutters with tolerance measured in microns. The body will be made in aluminium 7075, known commercially as Ergal, an aluminium and zinc alloy, principally used in the aeronautics field, in particular in its structural parts. It is characterised by being the lightest aluminium alloy, and from a mechanical point of view, the most resistant to strain and impact. The SW Vima camera will boast a robust construction and an ergonomic design.

The SW Vima camera adapts its characteristics and features in the hands of the expert photographer according to his or her vision. This is due to the helicoidal focuser, with its precise viewfinder for integrated optics.

The SW Vima is the creation of Vincenzo Mastrangelo, a well-known professional commercial photographer of landscapes and reportage.
His work in the creation of a professional camera for photographic studios and with the precision necessary in the field of architecture has kept him occupied for many years both in research and study. Vincenzo Mastrangelo has worked as a photographer of the Italian territory and traditions, but he has been active above all in Germany, where other than photography, he directed an advertising agency through which he published several photographic books on artistic themes.
Vincenzo Mastrangelo's camera design has gained invaluable insight from several photographers, and his intention is to allow a number of professional photographers to use it in order to have their input prior to commencing production. In addition their photographic work will be used to promote the product. The SW Vima is ideal for talented amateur or professional photographers in their quest for achieving the perfect professional result.

The SW Vima camera production team is committed to continual improvement of the product and will offer developments in both traditional film and digital technology which is the foundation of current photography. The objective is to be able to supply the photographer high quality equipment, in an accessible price range, through online sales and presentations in international trade fairs.
The SW Vima offers both digital and medium format film photography and enables printing in very large dimensions, while faithfully retaining the details and subtle tones. Only the SW Vima camera can provide this precision and quality.

Photography experts have always acknowledged the crucial importance of precise mechanics and optical quality. In recent years there have been great strides in precison and accuracy, above all in digital photography which to realise its full potential, does not allow even a minimum tolerance and requires the maxium performance in optics.
The digital back with more than 80 megapixels and sensors up to 40x54mm (40.4 x 53.9 millimetres) 60MP are characteristics which make this an incredibly accurate camera. Any slight mechanical inaccuracy or flaw in lens performance risks being transformed into image distortion, and lateral chromatic aberration into other errors. In this case the SW Vima camera clearly confirms its commitment to the creation of a product without compromise in offering the maximum precision in its performance.
Only the best lenses, exclusively regulated by their producers (Schneider-Kreuznach at Bad Kreuznach and Linos / Rodenstock at Munich, Bavaria, both in Germany) can provide constant quality at the highest levels. By selecting the best, the SW Vima camera offers a guarantee of winning quality.

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